Eric Mayson Comes Into Focus For Debut Solo Show

You’ve heard him playing keys in the group Crunchy Kids. You’ve also heard him all over Pangaea by Toki Wright & Big Cats! as well as in the live setting of that group. He’s also performed behind Caroline Smith and Lizzo. PLUS he’s featured on the new Homeless and Big Cats! EP, The Polar Bear Rug

Wednesday at Honey, he’ll drop “Featuring” from his name and step up to mic #1 as he takes the stage for his debut solo show.


The singer and multi-instrumentalist’s performance will serve as an introduction and celebration of Mayson’s upcoming EP, Detail. Due out this fall. Dosh, Metasota and Homeless and Big Cats! will share their music in support of Mayson. The night is hosted by Toki Wright and Freez.

The singles “Capital” and most recently “Flatspin” show Mayson’s futuristic R&B style. You can check them out below.

Doors for the show open at 9 p.m. and the cover is only $7 so make sure to get there early, as it will fill up fast. Get the Details about Eric Mayson on Twitter and his website.