EQthesound Cliques Up with Manny Phesto & Rich Garvey for “The City”

After working behind the scenes for many Villa Rosa, Finding Novyon & GainesFM, St. Paul producer, EQthesound continues to remind everyone that he is out to put on for the TC in his new song, “The City.”

Featuring the Minneapolis representatives Manny Phesto & Rich Garvey, the duo is out to elevate the city to achieve new heights over the densely layered production. Conveying a sense of darkness sprinkled with glimmers of adventure, the Shock And Audio producer is able to captivate the cautious minded into dreaming more sincerely of the possibilities that are to come for the local scene.

Check out “The City” above and keep an open ear to who EQthesound is working with next by way of his Soundcloud.