eL.I.Be Celebrates Life With “Feeling Right”

After a busy year of touring and performing as part of Cherry Sky Studios, eL.I.Be is back with some positive waves with “Feeling Right.”

With the flute based creation from Modern Filth’s Diatonic, the Minneapolis MC proves that he is able to channel the rejuvenating energy that comes from appreciating the present.  While the song is a catchy follow up to local house party staples such as “Grab A Drink (Dear 9-5)” and “Party Down,” “Feeling Right” also celebrates eL.I.Be’s re-commitment to balancing his personal life with his artistic drive.

“It was a very busy year,” said eL.I.Be.  “I planned and managed two tours, performed, interviewed, networked ect… After it was all said and done, I was just exhausted and my work life balance was out of wack.  So when I got home after my last run, I was overworked and couldn’t bring myself to work on music.  After that my friends started noticing that I wasn’t myself,  they sat down with me and helped put things in perspective, reminding me that that this music business is a marathon and not a sprint and that it’s ok to slow down sometimes to regroup.”

As he continues to take the time for personal growth, this doesn’t mean that he will be stepping away from the mic anytime soon as “Feeling Right” is the first in a series of singles leading to his upcoming solo debut, Hoping Tomorrow Never Comes.

To stay up to date with eL.I.Be, check out his website, Facebook, and Twitter pages as well as the Cherry Sky Studios website.