Ecid Exercises & Explains His Vinyasa Flow

On Monday, September 29th, Fill In the Breaks’ MC/Producer, Ecid premiered his latest single, “Vinyasa Flow” through Potholes In My Blog.

Slated to be the first single off of his upcoming full length release, Pheromone Heavy, Ecid mixes the his brand of cynically whimsical rap to the thunderous bounce of his video game themed beat. As the title references the vinyasa yoga, a popular type of yoga that focuses on the breath and its inter-relationship with movement, Ecid takes the time to air out his love for sex, music, marijuana and meditation under the snarky snarling of his boom bap bastard child persona.

As certified yoga instructor in his spare time, Ecid managed to showcase his reality within his rhymes.

“I’d say yogis are very similar to artists & musicians because they love doing something they can feel like they are a part of,” said Ecid. “Most diehard Hip Hop fans love Hip Hop so much they live and breathe it, same goes for yogis. It’s passionate. I would say this is the most yoga-centric but there a little lines about it on a few tracks. This record in general references my everyday life a lot more. If I’ve been biking around that ends up in the song or chasing my dog, or reading too much current events, they all end up in the spirit of the track.”

As many try to pigeonhole into one sub-genre of rap, the DIY diehard continues to defy the common shallow impressions as well as highlight his perplexing personality with lines like “I’m a gangster, a hipster and a hippy with a weakness for the whisky.”

“It’s kind of a response to titles,” said Ecid. “People are always going to judge and say you are this or that Without REALLY knowing you. So it’s me saying I’m all of it even though I might not be. In a way, I feel like all indie-artists are self-made and self-made people are gangster. Maybe the modern day human is a little bit of all of these all titles? There’s a lot of love and hate in our nature but I feel like most people try to make the best of what they’ve got.”

While Pheromone Heavy is still awaiting a date after the New Year, Ecid is wasting no time in getting back to work on his MPC.

“While it’s getting mixed, I’m already making new stuff because I’m having so much fun making beats.”

“Vinyasa Flow” can be found at Ecid’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. And be sure to keep up with Ecid on his websiteFacebook, Twitter, & Tumblr pages.