DNT UnContaineD unleashes 90s Lyrical Prowess on “DARK”

Upon pressing play on DNT UncontaineD’s “Dark Blind’D By Lyrical BackLash”, the true school hip-hop M.C wasted no time busting through the speakers with a bolstering acapella verse, setting the tone for the vibe of the entire 6-song EP. DNT’s vocal presence is either polarizing or intriguing, depending on the listener. Either way, it’s clear to see this isn’t your average, new school, R&B Drake era rap. No Sir.
The EP’s first full song boasts “I go harder than the Phantom of the Opera”. “32NdaSidePocket” showcases a thumping, horrorcore-influenced production that sounds straight out of the 1990s. Brotha Lynch Hung would feel right at home on this menacing production, as DNT delivers two heavily lyrical verses. While at times he seems off-beat, those discrepancies are made up in aggression and O.G swagger.
“Space & Vaders” continues the trend of throwback, organ-based production with scary overtones. At this point, it feels like this song is a continuation of the EP’s previous song. There’s not much variation in the styles or subject matter. But like it’s predecessor, the lyrical prowess is never absent. By now, you’ll either be fully engulfed by this particular vibe or you’ll turn off the project. It’s clear to see that DNT has a goal to make sure this album does not deter from exactly what the title entails – he seems to be in a trance, Blind’D by Lyrical BackLash, and not interested in any other bells and whistles prevalent in modern rap.
“Xfiles” exhibits somewhat of a variation, as DNT briefly touches on personal issues with the mother of his child, as he continues his lyrical exhibition, comparing himself to an alien – a metaphor for being an anomaly in the rap world, classifying him as a literal “Xfile”.
“7Up” has a unique bounce, as DNT’s vocal tone and presence is highly reminiscent of mid-90s Cypress Hill. Not much of the content changes here from his previous tracks. It’s another lyrical exercise, with a murderous feel, as DNT chops down every nearest clique with wordplay and aggressive delivery.
“FatBlackNUgly” is the EP’s final track. It’s not much different than the rest of the songs that have played previously. With a slight variation in production with haunting synths, DNT continues his verbal assault across the competition. By now, you’re either exhausted from the lack of letting up or you’re hungering for more, as the album comes to a close.
In conclusion, the project is a great introduction to the well-seasoned M.C for those who’ve never heard of him. It’s concise and to the point – DMT is not here to croon or serenade you. He’s not even here for you to turn up or dance to. He’s here to exhibit true school lyricism and 90s rap aggression in it’s full and rawest form. “DARK Blind’D By Lyrical Backlash” is a quick snapshot into the demented mind of DNT. For fans of 90s rap, horrorcore and lyrical MCing, this might be a project you revisit. I say it’s best played in dark alleys through a booming sound system to best capture the aesthetic. Looking forward to what the “FatBlackNUgly” M.C comes with next.