CRAM Level Up On “Cramboi”

After two single releases to cap off 2015, the CRAM boys are back with “Cramboi,” their first single of 2016. The live new track comes from their EP, CRAM Vol. 1, due out this month. Cramboi” excels in turnt minimalism featuring classic triplet hats, peppered with 8-bit blips, low wave bass, and an infectious hook that proclaims “All I Smoke is Cram, Goddamn!”

If you’re not familiar with CRAM, no fear; you may already know the members: Jaylap of Future Fossils, †yyP, and John Shrimpnose. The trio also go by pseudonyms Tommy Bathwater, Janitor Jones, and Juan Lobsternostrils, respectively. Tommy Bathwater (Jaylap)  holds down the production on this single. but the EP is co-produced between him and Juan Lobsternostrils (John Shrimpnose). Vol. 1 will feature Chester Watson, Sam Wayne of Future Fossils, and Gabriella Jacobs.


CRAM will release their EP on Thursday, January 14th at the Cabooze along with the Chicago duo, The Palmer Squares plus locals Spencer Joles x Nazeem, Boof Squad, prime.cut, Phib x Lolambie, and Blamsiss.

Stay updated on all the CRAM happenings on their Twitter and Soundcloud.