Chance York & Travis Gorman Take A Drink In Sync With “Life”

After a brief hiatus since his collaborative EP with Big Cats, Chance York returns with another Twin Cities super producer Travis Gorman to unveil their song “Life.”

Grounded by the shimmering chimes wading above the drowned out trumpet & progressive kickdrum, the Crunchy Kids frontman draws the listener into a modern awakening beyond cell phones and political propaganda to examine what truly gives life meaning. Carried by the grungy hook, Chance York begs the listener to see the possibilities that exist within the ever-fleeting moments while searching for serenity within the staggered steps of 2 AM. Clocking in just over four minutes, it’s safe to say that Chance York and Travis Gorman have a project that will require a few listens in order to fully understand its own depth.

Check out “Life” above and be sure to follow their respective Soundclouds for further releases from their upcoming EP.