Casey Veggies Claims Mill City Nights

On a blustery Friday the 13th, fans were lucky enough to get a fresh serving of Peas N’ Carrots from the up incoming Inglewood MC, Casey Veggies at Mill City Nights.

The evening began at 9pm when Aqua Nightclub’s resident selector, DJ Ray Mills bringing the late night party to the complacent 18+ crowd. With popular cuts from Drake to Future, the front rows of the barrier began to fill out with young fans awaiting to see the former Odd Future MC show out. It wasn’t until local trap soul singer Neenosky slipped on stage to gauge the audience’s “Motives” over the thunderous bass and surging synths.

Soon after that, Southside Minneapolis stepped up to represent for AintYouSkinny‘s animated performance. Backed by his 10 person crew and his personal gifs on the big screen, AintYouSkinny dazzled the crowd with infectious energy by moonwalking and galloping across the stage while performing his budding catalog, including his latest song “Hooterz.”  Then, it was time for the Hometown Hero himself, Mac Irv to show out with his producer/hype man Willie Wonka as they brought local love with many new favorites off of their latest Sincerely, Mac Irv release. Determined to make sure that the club was properly turnt up for the Roc Nation headliner, Irv and Wonka dialed into their infectious chemistry to wake up the otherwise lethargic crowd. In their attempts, their song “Sick Days” was prefaced with the working man Wonka to be pressured into gulping down a half full bottle of vodka hours before reporting to his other job. The result sparked excitement among the crowd that carried all the way to the pair of renditions for his seminal singles, “Hometown.”

At roughly 10:30 pm, Casey Veggies “Set It Off” by reminding the crowd why he was the feature off of his Epic Records debut Live & Grow.” Following it up with his HS87 produced gem “That Boy,” a wave of X marked hands erupted into the air as many young fans began to out do Mr. Veggies energy. It was all smiles from the 22 year old headliner, who seemed all too comfortable on stage, never deviating from his routine for more sincere crowd interaction. Aside from rehearsed tag lines that segued from old favorites like “Aladdin” into new bangers like “New Faces,” Casey Veggies proved that his music is to be experienced. After touching on the softer side of Live & Grow with “A Little Time” and “Life Song,” he revved it up for “Ridin Roun Town” for those that had truly been down since his Sleeping In Class mixtape. With the crowd finally getting hyphy, Veggies finally took them to the Bay with his Iamsu! produced single, “Backflip” and closing out the show. As the music faded out, it was harshly transitioned into the pop folk stylings of Frank Turner as security swooped in to push the dwindling audience out of the building not even two minutes after Casey Veggies walked off the stage.

After the nearly three hours of non-stop performances, it proved that there is enormous potential within the building. From the precision and versatility of Casey Veggies to the ambitious energy of the hometown homies, the greatest tragedy is that only the die hard few came out to witness such an evening. Whether it was due to the chilly evening or the $25 ticket price, the emptiness of such a large place took its toll. But by taking a page out of Veggies playbook, it was a night to celebrate life as well as to live and grow.


Side Note to MCs: QUIT RAPPING OVER YOUR VOCAL TRACKS!!! It cheapens your art and makes it difficult to understand what you’re trying to say. Get your DJ to throw on your beat and go in. Plain and simple.