Brandon Pulphus is as smooth as “BUTTAH” on new EP

Brandon Pulphus is an up and coming M.C from Minneapolis, MN..  His latest project, “#Buttah”, a collaboration with producer Big A and Big Rich, is a smooth introduction to the self-proclaimed “Prince Of the Punchline”.  The project spans 6-tracks total and is all about the vibes.  It was written and recorded in it’s entirety in 4 days in Atlanta, Georgia.

The project opens with an intro with the common rapper theme of “Y”all ain’t ready for this.”  At times it may come off corny, but it’s not more corny than any rapper you’ve heard of telling you how great he is.  In my opinion, it’s an unneeded track, but it sets the tone for the project. It’s clear, Brandon Pulphus is confident in himself and his craft; a number one trait for a rapper in the game.

The first song on the album is a wavy tune called “Wrong Impression”.  Brandon enters stage left with a sing-songy chorus, that vibes over a mid-tempo cadence and a hazy backdrop.   His vocals are crystal clear. The personality in the vocals is what captures the listener’s ear, as Brandon talks about a night out with some beautiful ladies, where the smoke is good and the alcohol is flowing.  This is definitely a riding/Smoker’s anthem, and a great introduction to Brandon’s sound.

It’s always exciting to me when I hear samples from the 1990s or 2000s being used in modern music.  It’s hard to believe that we’re almost two decades into the new Millennium.  On “Can’t Let You Go”, Brandon Pulphus reaches back 16 years, and taps into some classic Fabolous that goes by the same name. Instead of following the topic of loving someone, but not being able to stop messing around with his side piece, Brandon opts to talk about a woman who gives him good loving, but simply disappears without closure.  The track features M.C, Da Deputy.

“Big Rich Interlude” is a much better rendition of what was tried in the intro.  Interludes work when they are either interesting or comical, and Big Rich’s candor is perfect for this type of thing.  

The following song is “Rude”, the most uptempo record on the EP thus far.  This is single material right here. The production is eclectic and immediately catches the ear.  This is certainly the party record. Brandon’s flow is steady and rhythmic, and Big A’s catchy production makes it an easy listen.

The EP ends with a song called “Top 25?”.  Through rapid fire flows over a Midwest-esque production from Big A, Brandon delivers a straight through verse reiterating why he should be considered as one of the Top spittas in his region.  It’s just due as well. The EP clearly shows that Brandon Pulphus isn’t a novice to the Hip-Hop World, and is ready to be mentioned in the same conversation as some of his contemporary peers. “#Buttah” is out now!