Botzy & New Cohorts Drop A Bomb With “Kamikaze”

Fresh of the release of I’ll be Underground When I’m Dead, Vol. 1, Botzy has dropped a new single “Kamikaze.” The track features Polkadot Mayhem newcomers The Once-ler and Dig Mode. They all trade bars over an eerie beat, produced by The Once-ler, that is just as much dreamy as it is driving.

The hook of the song “We fly to our death day/Kamikaze/Kamikaze” was originally something that was tumbling around in Botzy’s head days before writing the track. “[The] phrase was something I was muttering to myself for a day or two before we all made the track. I enjoyed the word play because there are multiple things it means to myself and my music – fly meaning ‘looking fly’,[and] fly meaning in transition.” Botzy said.

This is the debut of The Once-ler and Dig on Polkadot Mayhem. According to Botzy, The duo will be releasing music together in early 2015. Botzy originally met up with the tandem through Lucas Dix of Jellyfish Brigade. “Everyone clicked, we have been spending lots of time together ever since. ” Botzy said.

You can follow Botzy on Twitter and be on the look out for his new solo album Still Not Dead Yet.

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