One Of The Best Local Songs of 2016: “Crossfire” By Nazeem & Spencer Joles Featuring Muja Messiah

In the coming month, there’s no doubt that we’ll see a HUGE number of “top local Hip Hop of 2016” posts from the handful of major media outlets that cover the scene.

I thought I would kick it off with a song that is really fucking good.  No list, just this one song. (listen if you can).

Nazeem & Spencer Joles along with Muja Messiah deliver this mid-album gem called “Crossfire”. The song is lesser-known because it doesn’t get performed often because of the very important verse from Muja Messiah (It’s nearly half the song). They did perform it at their release show back in early summer. It may also get lost in the shuffle because you’ve been going absolutely bonkers to the six bangers that come before it on The Album and have no energy to continue further.

Nazeem starts out the track with the coldest of bars over the easy riding beat. Dropping intricate rhymes of kingship and ruthlessness. Then Spencer Joles delivers equally blistering raps in the second verse. Joles “lights candles for the ambience” and delivers merciless rhymes full of voodoo.

Then about three minutes into the song, Muja Messiah begins one of the best verses of the year. The veteran rapper delivers line after line of memorable lines. Muja goes “down 35 doing 85” and spits the filthiest, liquor and drug ridden rhymes. Seriously go back and listen to the whole song again.

There’s no doubt that The Album will be many top lists this year,  just don’t overlook this song.