DJ Frank Castle Finds New Spin on Appreciation


 After becoming the victim of a tragic robbery, the beloved DJ Frank Castle has gained a newfound appreciation for the Twin Cities Hip Hop community.

It began on Saturday, July 30th while The Drop DJ was spinning at the pop up party “Late Nite BBQ” as he and Yon Legend were serving up the sizzling selections to accompany the salivating BBQ for the post bar close crowd. Soon after tearing down his gear and saying his goodbyes to friends, an unknown bandit had made off with his laptop and effectively throwing his future as a DJ in jeopardy. With the loss of music, software and notes vital to his intricate sets, friend and fellow party rocker, DJ Just Nine quickly set up a kickstarter campaign to help Mr. Castle get a new computer. And within only 24 hours, friends, collaborators and fans pooled together more than the $1200 necessary to help Frank Castle buy a new laptop.13923535_10208535600601554_7984810743517169667_o

In light of such generosity, Frank Castle will be showing his gratitude by throwing the show affectionately titled “Appreciate Y’ALL MAH FUGGAS” on Tuesday, August 16th at the Icehouse. Featuring an all star line up of Haphduzn, Nazeem & Spencer Joles, Lady Midnight, Talia Knight, Rowsheen, Just Nine & Yon Legend, AYMF will be free for everyone 21+ as a means of giving the loving community a party that will go beyond their money’s worth. In addition to the show, Frank Castle has proven that the show’s title is more than just words.

“Thank you to everyone that showed support,” said Frank Castle. “I feel so blessed to have such an amazing group of people reach out. That was so unexpected, definitely feeling the love.”

Stop out to “Appreicate Y’ALL MAH FUGGAS” on Tuesday, August 16th and help DJ Frank Castle celebrate generosity within the community. Be sure to stay up to date with one of the Twin Cities’ busiest DJs through his Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud pages as well.