Adi Takes His Time and Cultivates Fruits of Regal

Meet Adi, a self described skeptic, who stands to be one of the next big names in our scene. At the young age of 20 he has brought us his immensely rich, and multi-dimensional debut project Fruits of Regal, a nine track exploration of knowledge and the positive and negatives of knowing and not being able to forget.

The project begins with the bassy, auto-tuned declaration “WAVS” (as in sound waves). In the song’s chorus, Adi dedicates himself to his craft of music, singing “surfing through the waves/ working everyday.” The album continues with the first of three instrumental tracks “Kings Wisdom”, a spiritual layer of synths and 808 thud that sounds like the soundtrack to an post-apocalyptic heaven.

Throughout, Fruits of Regal sounds wholly modern without sounding trendy and it could be due to Adi working on the album without any outside influences. For two years, he worked alone in his basement writing, recording and mixing the whole thing, even scrapping batches of songs after realizing he didn’t feel them anymore. He perfected the tracks with his influences in mind, constantly holding off outside pressure to release things. “I’ve always just been hyper critical of myself, I’ve had people pressuring me for years, like ‘put something out bro, come on! What you just said right there, record that! in that freestyle, put that out!’ ” Adi said. “If it’s not up to par in my mind, no one is going to hear it, literally. You’re not even gong to sit in the room while I play it for you.”

As a whole the project did take a while to craft and some songs were in the making for a good a chunk of that time, others like “To Night” and “Emergency” were finished in a few days. “It feels like I’m not even creating it. It feels like I’m channeling something (sometimes). It just vomits out of me.” Adi said.

In the most discernible song of the album “Emergency” Adi speaks on racism, and his anger over the complacent state of mind he sees in society. “There’s this bullshit going on in the world, and you see everyday people are getting killed for nothing but you want to go and take a Xanax and just lose your mind and wake up the next day with no recollection. You’re wasting your mind and influence by just being complacent.” Adi said.

Other standout songs like “To Night” and “Macbeth” have meanings that are more subdued. In the songs, Adi speaks of fear and paranoia but intentionally leaves things ambiguous. “I have more specific meanings behind them but I kind of want to leave that for now” He said.

He realized he wanted to make music after hearing a recording of Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock. “That blew my whole perception of what music was. I fell in love with it from then on. I went out and got a Flying V and started getting guitar lessons.” Adi said.

dejstijlBy the time he entered high school he started to feel limited by only playing one instrument and began messing with Ableton Live. “I can do whatever I want because I can make the music.” Adi said, speaking on the limitlessness of working with Ableton Live.

Feeling that in high school the people around him rapping weren’t as serious about the craft as him, he started to add his own raps to his beats. Then later experimenting with singing and vocal melodies. “It seems when I get something down a little I start to feel boxed in. That’s when I try to go out of my comfort zone.”

That refusal to stay complacent shines through in Adi’s demeanor. He mentioned wanting to expand into other forms artistic expression eventually. He is the first of his family to take the whole-hearted leap into art making and encourages others to do the same. “We’re all going to die one day so just do what you want to do because you’ll be more satisfied in the end.”

You can catch Adi performing TONIGHT at the Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis as a part of the De Stijl event also featuring performances from St. Paul Slim, Keith Millions and Warehouse Eyes.

Keep up with Adi on Twitter at @TOOLAMEFORFAME and check out his album out on Bandcamp or stream it below via SoundCloud.