Month: August 2016

CRAM Pulls The Mask Off In “Mascot”

On Thursday, the irreverent rapping renegades known as CRAM returned to contemplate upon their clowning in their new video for “Mascot.” Directed by Alan De Leon Taverna, the punk personas lose focus in the ever changing psychedelic display of colors & effects to show a psilocybin induced sense of clarity. With the velvety vocals from Gabriella…

Rich Garvey’s “Man of the People” EP Release Show (PHOTOS)

Last Wednesday, Rich Garvey celebrated the release of Man of the People, his latest EP. The Liberian born MC and producer Travis Gorman took the stage shortly after midnight to a loaded 7th Street Entry. Garvey opened his set with a beat set of his own productions, flowing into a performance of “I’m Taking All That” followed by the majority of the new EP. Along with guest spots from Nathan Ejuwa, Finding Novyon, Dwynell Roland, and GainesFM, Garvey’s energetic set skipped by in what felt like seconds (Sadly, Devon Reason was not around for his verses).

Even with the extensive list of performers, the ratio of rappers in the crowd to on the stage was probably still in favor of the crowd. It was evident that Rich Garvey is the Man of the People in this city. Check out the new EP (below) and photos from the show (above).